Animated Cursors

  1. AsherWORLD - Freeware animated manga and comics cursors for Windows.
  2. Freeware animated cursors for Windows. Animated cursors for planes, bears, fish, school, linux, java, soccer, and more. all originals, come over and download them.
  3. Debi's Cursors- Free original cursors by Debi.
  4. Gav's Cursor Show - Cursors and icons made by Gav. Also offers a cursor suggestion area.
  5. High Visibility Animated Cursor - Collection of 124 animated cursors and 20 static cursors for Windows for children or visually impaired. Also good for laptops and large screen monitors.
  6. Joe's Cursors - Free animated cursors for Windows. Many different colorful sets of cursors that can be used for everyday use. Includes a set of High Visibility animated cursors for kids or visually impaired.
  7. Styles: Cursor and Icon Software by Janet Parris- 200+ customized Macintosh cursors. Meticulously hand-drawn cursors of many varieties, colors, styles, and sizes. Free downloadable icons; free downloadable cursors.
  8. Wizard's Phat Cursors - Free animated desktop and website cursors for Windows, and CometZone.