Free Web Site Backgrounds

  1. AAA Backgrounds - Original backgrounds organized by type.
  2. Absolute Mystique - Original and unique linkware backgrounds for personal home pages or a not-for-profit web page. Borders, seamless tiles, background sets, and wallpaper for the desktop.
  3. - Original seamless tiles used to create linkware left-border backgrounds. Master seamless tiles are available for purchase for various product needs.
  4. Ancient Rock Art Backgrounds - Prehistoric rock art background images and desktop patterns based on actual petroglyphs and pictographs from the American Southwest.
  5. ART-TLC- Animated backgrounds.
  6. Back At Ya Designs - Linkware bordered background sets, Interface Design, and tubes for use with Paint Shop Pro.
  7. Backgrounds By Marie - Bordered background sets in categories. Tutorials on making bordered backgrounds included.
  8. Background Central- Over 8000 backgrounds/tiles/textures to use on your website.
  9. Bomb Backgrounds - Organized by color. May not support some browsers.
  10. Chaos Realm Graphics - Offering users tiled and bordered backgrounds suitable for desktop or print, dividers, banners, and bars. Also offers desktop wallpapers and a fractal gallery.
  11. Darkbluestar - Free wallpaper and backgrounds created by Rob. Several colors and designs to choose from, custom graphics are available.
  12. Dees Backgrounds - Border backgrounds in a diversity of styles.
  13. Free Backgrounds- Over 1000 webpage backgrounds.
  14. Free-Backgrounds.Com- Resource for free, original, background graphics, with hundreds of eye-popping original designs to spice up your website.
  15. Free-Backgrounds.Com - Resource for original background graphics.
  16. GraphicCastle - Over 1000 free seamless backgrounds for homepages and desktop.
  17. Graphics by Savanna - Artistic backgrounds grouped by type.
  18. Graphics Gallery - Over 800 free backgrounds categorized by color.
  19. Helen's Images - A collection of 500 images for web page backgrounds and desktop wallpaper.
  20. Hollywood Free Backgrounds - Presents designer animated and static web and email backgrounds, many sizeable galleries.
  21. In His Image- Free backgrounds for Christian websites. Look for backgroud sets of Jesus, Scripture, nature, Bible Stories, etc. You can also find watermark backgrounds that are great for your desktop!
  22. Ludi's Background Patterns - Paper, canvas, pasteboard and cardboard.
  23. Lytespirit's Native American Backgrounds - Original linkware backgrounds free for personal webpages.
  24. Northern-Dreams- Themes include kids, angels, flowers, nature, Religious, fairies, and mystical.
  25. OKtec- Wallpaper pictures in six categories bluffs, landscapes, sky, lakes, rivers, and golf courses.
  26. Purple Rose Graphics - Bordered and tiled backgrounds, sets, banners, buttons, dividers.
  27. The RuRu Backgrounds - Original background collection.
  28. SeaShell's Backgrounds - Collection of backgrounds and graphics.
  29. TCR Graphics Backgrounds - Original background graphics for professional use including ornate patterns, botanicals, filigrees, lace, fabric, and papers.
  30. Thank You for Making the Journey - Border edges and page backgrounds.
  31. Van Why Design Backgrounds - Free download of tiled and left border images to use for web page backgrounds, or stationary.
  32. Web Page Backgrounds - Categories include holidays, nature, textures, borders, and patterns.