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How to Make a Resume for Teachers

Are you looking forward to applying for a new teaching job? Then it would help if you had a wonderfully designed and detailed resume prepared forehand to land your desired job successfully.

A resume is your first impression in front of your potential employers; hence it must reflect your personality. To do so, you better get to the task of accumulating all the necessary information and compiling it in an organized manner in the form of a resume.

Making a Resume as a Teacher

To make a resume, you can refer to a free sample resume for teachers online. Or you can follow the tips below to get started.

Choose a Format and Design

A teacher is always considered a creative individual though some might view themselves as more formal and technical. Let your resume's design speak for your personality. There are numerous free templates online you can choose from instead of trying your luck at graphic design.

You can follow the same templates or look for some online samples for a proper format. A general rule of thumb is your education and credentials are placed first, followed by your experience. The rest of the information can fit into a box on top or side, depending on your resume's design.

Provide Basic Information

Your basic information includes your official name, contact details (email and number), and mailing address. If you have a website or other influential online presence that could help you stand out, mention that too.

Mention Your Educational Background

Your resume must have all the basic information regarding your education. This information includes the institutes you were enrolled in, the courses you took, the years in which you took those courses, and the duration.

You must mention all the necessary details with precision as space is a huge factor in making or breaking your resume; nobody wants to read a 150-word essay when bullet points communicate the same information much more effectively.

Talk About Your Teaching Experience

Do you have prior teaching experience? Mention all the necessary details precisely under this heading. If you don't have any teaching experience, you can then mention any tutoring service you may have given in the past or some voluntary experience you might have regarding teaching. You can also include internships that helped you develop your teaching skills.

Subtly Boast About Your Accomplishments

As a teacher, you may have had numerous mundane tasks and duties. Fun fact, every teacher has them. Your resume must showcase how you stand out from the cluster of resumes your potential employer has received. Hence, instead of listing duties, mention your accomplishments as a teacher.

Did one of your students massively improve their grade with your assistance? Or perhaps you helped your students win a competition? Some teachers are also regarded at schools for their unique skill sets in a particular subject or area; mention those if you have any. Remember to use numerical data for your claims to increase credibility.

Create Your Teacher Skills List

You might usually downplay your skills as a teacher, especially when someone asks. However, you must vividly list important skills you've acquired during your teacher experience to show what skills you're good at picking up fast.

Teacher Skills List

Here are a few skills you can mention in your resume under a similar heading:

- Conflict Resolution
- Leadership
- Behavior Management
- Resource Management
- Time Management
- Teamwork
- Pedagogical Skills
- Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
- Computer Literacy


And there you have it: a comprehensive guide for making an effective resume that would land you your desired job in no time. Use a free sample resume for teachers online as a reference if needed, but don't forget to subtly add a touch of your creative personality across the resume. Your resume should speak 'you.' Best of luck!