The Classic Break Out Game

The game may take a few seconds to load. Your mouse will move the paddle (left to right). This is one of those games that you can't help, but love.

Note: The best strategy here is to allows return your paddle to the middle after striking the ball.



This is a quick remake of the influential game from the 70s. The development of this game was heavyily influeneced by the first video game Pong. Once people showed interest in this game, they came out with Super Breakout!

Funny story. One of our writers was traveling to Japan as a young adult (in the early 90s) and remembers seeing a arcade video game from a distance. The game said "Mega, Awesome, Nuclear Breakout!" So she thought that she would be seeing the latest and greatest thing in the world. It turned out to be Breakout! At least all the colors were Neon.