Battle Ship

Go ahead and try to sink your opponents battle ship. It's not easy!

If you have never played battle ship, it is a great deal of fun! Here are the basic directions:

On the left square: This is your ship firing board. Just click on a square where you think the computer has placed their ship. If you hit a portion of their ship, a read mark will appear. This indicates a direct hit. If a blue squiggle appear, it was a miss.

You ship fleet appears on the right. Immediately after you fire, the computer will fire at your fleet. They are trying to do the same thing that you are, sink your opponents fleet of ships.

Ships range in size from two shots to five. They can only go vertical or horizontal. Ships are never positioned diagonally. This is part of the strategy, if you hit a ship; the next hit is either above/below it or on it's side. Enjoy the game!

We you are done, you can play again by just clicking "Reload" or "Refresh" on your web browser.