Gold Membership Testimonials

Sally W. -"I am so glad I found this gold membership. I cannot thank you enough for putting together such a wonderful program. It costs less than one resource book I use, yet it has the value of a hundred resource books."

Michelle Y., Grade 3-"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your program. I was really skeptical at first, but I have to admit that I couldn't Imagine a better experience. It seems like there is always something new available and your Support Team is super-helpful. Keep up the phenomenal work!"

Jane R ., Grade 7 Science-"For a's like being a kid in a candy store with unlimited money!"

Janet O.-"Well done! I have been a member for a few months and I have found the site to be user-friendly and extremely helpful. I love the concept that I don't have to" reinvent the wheel" to gather worksheets for my students. The info is appropriate yet challenging. Kudos to all. Membership has been worth it."

Cris M.-"I wish I knew about this site sooner. I just wasted over $150 of my own money purchasing workbooks for my room. This membership you guys have, is 20% of that, it has alll that I need, and it grows. I like the reading themed worksheets you add all the time. Thanks for being there!"

Tammy Mathers, Grade 4/5 Teacher- "What an absoulte must have! I'm going into my third year as a member. This really makes my job much easier. I find that there is so much available to teachers here that I haven't had to make many materials since I became a member. Life is so much easier these days. What I really like is that unlike the normal printed teacher workbooks I buy in stores. This book just keeps growing and helping me out. A big THANKS!"

Silver Membership

Joanne Liskers, 3rd Grade Teacher (San Diego, CA)- "I'm extremely happy with all of the activities I can create with ExamBuddy. My students really enjoy them. The newsletter sender and web page maker are a dream come true! I cut the time I spend on the phone with parents by 75%."

Sharon Strebeck, High School English Teacher (New York, NY)- "Students have no more excuses, if teachers use your site. All of their work is right out in front of them. This is really something special. The students who use my materials on your site continuously, have really shown a great deal of improvement in class and test scores. I also see what you're saying about item analysis on the on-line quizzes. Now I know if I didn't cover something thoroughly and best of all, it's graded automatically. I'm hooked on EB. "

Nancy Newhouse, 3rd Grade Teacher- "Thank you for creating an outstanding suite of tools for teachers, like me. Finally, somebody gets it! We (teachers) need everything in one simple package that does everything we need it to do. My students and parents thank you most of all!"

Jen U.- It's much easier than I thought. What a great tool for students.

Steve Heitzman , 10th Grade Teacher- "Your system has made my job a great deal easier. I post all of my homework and extra credit on-line now. I am proud to say that I no longer wait in the endless line for the copy machine at our school. I post all assignments and handouts to students on-line. They are responsible for printing it out. That one simple process saves me about 6 hours a week."

Jamine Tailes, High School English- "My students students truly love your site. It has made them want to rush home and do their home work. I just wish I would have had this since I started teaching."

Platinum Membership

Veronica H.- "You guys obviously put a great deal into this and it shows. This is just excellent! Thanks Again."

Carol K. -"This platinum membership makes life so much easier! Thanks!"

Jennifer S. -"This is probably the best teacher resource I have seen so far on the Internet! Thanks did it again!"

Sally W.-"We have all the teachers over here absolutely addicted to using the rubric and language arts worksheet maker. It really makes a positive contribution to our school program."

Lindsay L.-"The best teacher resource package ever! It saves me tons of time and actually makes me a better teacher. I create dozens of rubrics every week. Before this, I didn't even know what a rubric was. Thanks for all that you do. Everyone in my building is very appreciative."

Supreme Membership

Marsha W.-"Thank you for an all-encompassing membership that affords me all of the valuable resources that Teachnology has to offer. You are to be commended for your contribution to the teaching with technology phenomenon! "

Sam Genaro-"The powerful nature of this thing is just amazing! I'm finding more uses for it everyday."