How Do You Become An Animator?

The release of numerous and award-winning animated movies can surely create animator hopefuls among ordinary viewers. With companies such as Disney and Pixar releasing high-quality films that cater to both children and adults, people would surely want to become part of the creative process. Thus, in several interviews of famous animators, a question is always asked. How do you become an animator?

First and foremost, you have to remember this one important tip: Animation is not for everyone. An immense passion and love for the art is needed. The people responsible for producing the best cartoon and three-dimensional movies in the world did not just create them for the sheer need to earn money. Animators must give their all in order to make at least one singular character come to life. The next point that must be taken in consideration is that you should have the skills to become one. It is not only enough that you can draw well. What you also need is creativity that would promote innovations in the field. If you do not have all the proper requirements to succeed as an animator, then now is the time to start practicing.

It would also prove useless if you do not know the job description of an animator. The work does not simply limit itself to drawing and creating characters. Animators serve as workers in picture and video industries and can also serve in advertisements as well. They can draw by hand or use advanced technologies to create three-dimensional models to be used in whatever projects the company is doing. They are also responsible with the creation of storyboards which will be used as the basis for the mise en sc´┐Żne of the movie, television show, or computer game.

A career as an animator must involve years of preparation beforehand. In terms of education, one must acquire at least a bachelor's degree in any art or design-related field, most specifically in fine arts and animation since both already gives the students the right tools to create storyboards and character designs. This is necessary in order to become acquainted with the proper perspective and aesthetic sense. It is therefore highly recommended to enroll in the best schools to be able to make an impressive resume. Also, do not hesitate to participate in various internship programs no matter how small or irrelevant. Remember that an animator's reputation lies in an impressive list of work experience.

A portfolio is indeed a must-have for every aspiring animator. This can include short films that you have created as class projects. It simply depends on how you want to enter the business. If you are on the drawing side, be prepared with sheets of your sample drawings that you can upload in the internet. If, on the other hand, you are more inclined towards three-dimensional animation, you can post your short works on video sites such as Youtube and Vimeo and leave your contact details so companies are able to contact you if they find your work interesting. Do not forget that a portfolio can make or break your career. A bad and underwhelming collection of works can make companies disregard you in the future, so only include your best and your most astounding samples.

In the end, a great animator knows how to take risks. He or she is comfortable enough to try out different ways to improve his craft. In asking the question "how do you become an animator?" you must keep in mind that passion and hard work are two important factors for an individual's success. Now go and create that animated masterpiece you have been dreaming for so long.

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