What is the National Education Association (NEA)

The National Education Association was formed way back in 1857 with only 100 members who are all educators in the public sector. Life was very hard during those years and not everyone is given the opportunity to study. Only the rich people in the community can afford to send their children to school. After 150 years, the educational system has undergone a lot of changes and what was deemed as a restricted benefit before is now a right for every American child.

The NEA is a real crusader because it has been fighting and continuously campaigning for the rights of all teachers and students in the country. This organization is open to all who wants to make a change in the realm of educational arts and business. Gone were the days of keeping your eyes closed to the country's plight and leaving everything to the sound judgment of politicians and leaders. You have to join the NEA and participate in debatable issues both local and national.

Teachers and educators are considered part of the marginalized sector of the society and to make your voices be heard, it is a must that you take part in various NEA activities. Here are some of the benefits you can get when you register as a member of the National Education Association:

1. You will have a one million dollar liability insurance coverage for any untoward incident that might happen inside the school campus. This is very important because there are cases where students can be violent and may harm or injure their teachers. Teaching is indeed a very noble and job and each and every professor should be treated with respect.

2. If you will be in trouble because of your work in arts and business, the NEA can provide you with the best lawyers who graduated from prominent law schools in the country. Teachers, just like any other professionals, deserve to be protected in every way especially if they were only doing their job as an educator.

3. You will be informed about your rights and benefits as an employee of the school. Some teachers are receiving very low salary and this is not right. You should be given the right compensation and the National Education Association will see to it that you will not suffer any kind of injustice regarding your employment.

4. The best thing about being a member of NEA is that you will be having a lot of opportunity for professional advancement. You can join trainings and seminars which are regularly given by the organization for its members. There are a lot of workshops which can help you be the best teacher in your school. You will be taught about discipline, how to relieve stress, how to effectively manage your time as a teacher and how to develop your leadership capabilities.

University students are encouraged to take an education degree in order to train the children of tomorrow. Students can also be a member of the National Education Association and if you become a teacher, you will be given a credit for your membership fees. Time and again, the NEA carries its badge of being the voice of teachers and professors. This organization is very concerned about its job of guiding millions of educational arts and business advocates.

The job of a teacher is never an easy one but if you have the love for knowledge, commitment to your profession and hope that each and every student of yours will be able to graduate after a few years, you will be able to experience that great sense of pride and dignity in being an educator.

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