What is the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

The American Federation of Teachers is the number one labor organization in the country. It is also an active participant in many State projects which has something to do with quality education for all students. Corollary to this, the AFT aims to have a good working relationship with the government in order to give the teachers and other professionals a higher salary. The economy is really low today and the prices of commodities are very high.

It is a must that you be a member of the AFT and together with the other 1.5 million members, you can make your stand on different issues in the national and local levels. The following are only some of the advantages of joining the American Federation of Teachers:

1. It is always a joy to be working with idealistic individuals who have the vision of turning this country into the best environment for teachers and other professionals. The AFT is an association which will work for the betterment of everyone because it aims to bring quality service to all and by doing so, it can also improve the educational system of the country.

2. Educational arts and business always go hand in hand. You cannot possibly produce the best mind in the world without educating them first. Simply put, the AFT does not merely perform its job as a labor union. It serves as a medium by which people can voice out their opinions in order to attain social justice for all concerned.

3. If you become a part of the American Federation of Teachers, you have a better chance to negotiate your demands. You have the power to straighten out things which really need improvement. There is no such thing as a perfect arts and business system but if you are able to contribute to the attainment of AFT's goals, it will really make a difference.

4. You will no longer be left in the dark when it comes to high quality plans of action which are being implemented by the State. Proper information is necessary to avoid any misunderstanding and you can easily have access to these data if you will join the American Federation of Teachers. This organization also gives out legal and financial service to all its members.

5. The AFT is a shoulder to lean on and this organization also provides scholarships, endorsed insurance, travel and entertainment and benefit trust for all its members. You are assured that you are in safe hands with AFT because the organization is connected with a lot of product providers.

The American Federation of Teachers has come a long way since its inception back in 1916. This organization was able to gain the trust of teachers and professionals and fought its way through the world of politics and labor unrest. The mission of this group has never changed through the years. They always aim to protect the teachers and the arts and business institution. In relation to this, the AFT lobbies for increase freedom in the academe.

The educational system of every State is very important because it is the foundation of knowledge and training for its citizens. You very well know that an individual is considered powerless when facing his opponent alone but if you have the AFT labor union behind your back, you can definitely have a better bargaining position. Through the years, millions of people began to see the importance of joining AFT.

It is so easy to join AFT although the membership fee varies depending on your location. If you pay $60, you are already illegible for the $1 million occupational-liability coverage plus an additional of $10,000 coverage for the payment of your legal defense.

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