The 5 Most Historic Wars of All Time

Please note that this is from an American History Teacher's perspective. People from other cultures will have different views.

Wars play an important part in history. This is the one dramatic moment where the people raise arms in order to protect what they deem correct and just, including the thrive to claim peace and freedom from anyone who attempts to take over their land. There are a lot of wars cited in history, and here are the 5 most historic wars of all time which you, as a person, shall never forget.

American Revolution

The American Revolution is one of the 5 most historic wars of all time. To most people, this may seem mediocre, but the effect of this revolution and the fight of the Americans to call for equality brought new light not only to the state but to the entire world. With this revolution, the idea of democracy and equality has been stressed. In the end, the world watched America to become an independent, strong country that leads the world even at present.

World War 1

World War 1 or the Great War was considered the most intense and gruesome battle, at least at that time. Although the battle was focused and centered on Europe, it has involved a wide range of countries, including the South and North America. This originally began with Europe and it's strive to maintain its political power over its territories, and the retaliation of the Germans from the former's actions. In the end, the German experienced defeat, but this defeat that supposedly ends the battle only ignited the second part of the Great War.

World War 2

Naturally, World War 2 is also included in the 5 most historic wars of all time. World War 2, as the continuation of the first battle, was practically the German's strive for revenge from the loss they experienced in the previous battle for power. In this battle, America, then a country who was neither an ally nor enemy was attacked at the Pearl Harbor which caused a lot of casualties not only to the citizens but to the entire country as a while. This event led to the country getting involved in the war, and eventually, claiming victory. Imminently, at the end of the battle, dialogues were performed to establish postwar relations among the countries.

The American Victory at Saratoga

The Battle of Saratoga is practically a part of the American Revolution. This is still a battle for America's independence against British soldiers. This is where the British Empire attempts to take over New York, in an effort to bring a devastating blow to America and have them surrender. But this was effectively thrown off by the country. This victory forced the British invaders to give up its claims over New York and leave the American territories alone. This victory helped America establish a strong persona all throughout the world, allowing them to hold a good foundation of power.

Mexican-American War

And last on the list of the 5 most historic wars of all time is the war between Mexicans and Americans. Generally, the battle is all about who should rightfully control Texas. It was originally a part of Mexico, but as many Americans moved to that place, the cry and plea for it to become independent from Mexico grew strong. This war held a lot of significance to America as a state, as it helped the country gain plenty of territories along with its victory.

There are plenty of wars to cite, some of which may even be mediocre to some, but significant to the others. Always keep in mind that these battles took place in order to ensure peace and tranquility that the world is now enjoying and experiencing as of present.

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