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There are a lot of things that you might not know about the land of the rising sun. Most of the books that you might be reading would be all about Japan but they would not help you understand the main concept behind this innovative country. Japan is an island nation found in the eastern part of Asia. It is covered by the Pacific Ocean and it lies to the east of the PRC or People's Republic of China and North Korea. The original name of this country is "Sun Origin" due to its alias which is the Land of the Rising Sun. The area or archipelago of Japan covers around 6,852 islands and the major islands that cover its location would be Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu and Honshu. In these islands, around 127 million people live making Japan the tenth largest populated area in the world. The major cities such as Tokyo and other capital cities are known to be the largest metropolitan area in the world.

The history of Japan had been uncovered by archeological research. The research indicated that Japan existed in the Upper Paleolithic era. The first record of Japan was recorded during the Chinese History texts which were linked to about the first century AD. Through the next couple of centuries, Japan was changed by other nations which were followed yet after the long period of isolation. In the 19th century, the first recorded war in Japan was the First Sino-Japanese war followed shortly by the Russo-Japanese war and World War 1. These wars allowed the country to increase its imperial power and military coverage to other countries. After the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945, the coverage of power for Japan had abruptly end. The government of this country still follows the unitary powers of a parliament called the Diet and an emperor.

Due to the advancement of this country in terms of technological and military powers, Japan is also known as a major economic power topping the record of the third largest economical country in the GDP. It is also the 4th largest importer and exporter of electrical and industrial products. Aside from the astonishing record of economy and military power, Japan has also been recorded as the lowest homicide rate in the world. The citizens of this country is known to have a longer life expectancy rate than any other nation in the world and it has the third lowest morbidity and mortality rate for infants.

The English word for Japan is known as the exonym. Japanese names are known as Nippon and Nihon which is written using an extraordinary writing pattern known as the Kanji. The Japanese name known as Nippon is used for various official purposes including the Japanese Yen, several International sporting events such as the Olympics and even Stamps used for postage. Nihon is a more casual word used in speech and lines. The people who use this type of language are known as the Nihonjin and their language as the Nihongo. Both of those words are known as the Sun-origin or as again, The Land of the Rising Sun. This form of words came from the Japanese missions through China which is known as the eastward position near China.

Today, Japan is known as the largest national economy in the world and it is a member of several groups and national meetings. Japan accounts for nearly 15 percent of the global fish industry and it is second only to China. Japan's labor force consists more of 65.9 million workers including workers coming from other countries. Due to a lot of job opportunities in its soil, Japan also has the lowest unemployed rate which is actually around four percent.

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