What Were The Major Historical Documents of Colonial America?

Colonial America dates back from 1492 and lasted until 1763. This long period marks the foundation of civilization in the state, as introduced by the European and England nations. As part of the flourishing history of America, there are a lot of documents made and founded during that time, in an effort to create a civilized and successful country. What were the major historical documents of Colonial America? Here are some to cite and discover.

What were the major historical documents of Colonial America and where exactly in the timeline is it located? In fact, the Colonial America starts from the seventeenth Century which is in 1601, and lasted in mid eighteenth century, in 1763. During such time, a lot of events took place which led eventually to driving the Americans to fight for their freedom from England.

One of the important documents made during Colonial America was the Virginia Charters. There are three Virginia Charters made and ratified by the King of England at that time, each presents a significant bearing towards the people. The said documents stressed the boundaries of Virginia stated and were drawn. Investors are motivated to venture in the land. On the second charter of Virginia, the authority was given to the Virginia Company of London, all of those who invested in the land in an effort to make the country richer. This charter was given by King James I, then King of England. The third charter meanwhile, was a short term resolution which aids and presents solutions to solve the problems of the Virginia Company of London, who was then governing the place.

Apart from the Virginia Charters, What were the major historical documents of Colonial America? Another significant document for Colonial America is the Mayflower Compact, a document which helped establish the first government in America. It was known to be the first governing document for Plymouth Colony and was created by the colonists. Included in the said compact is the freedom of the citizens to practice Christianity according to the way they wanted it to be and not to the allegedly oppressive and watchful eyes of the English Church. Originally, the compact was made to grant governance to a land far north of Virginia, where the settlement was not agreed upon.

During the 18th Century, Albany Plan was made and was deemed an important and historical document during Colonial America. It was created in 1754 and was proposed by Benjamin Franklin during the Albany Congress held in New York. The Albany Plan was practically one of the early attempts in forming a union of England colonies to become under one government in order to provide defense and other important purposes as stated. Despite its significance and importance, however, such plan was immediately rejected by the British Board of Trades and the Colonial Assemblies, despite it being adopted unanimously in the congress.

And then at the end of the Colonial America, a historical document was made, which is the Resolutions of the Stamp Act. This is a document formulated in response to the Stamp Act that was initially passed by Great Britain which contains stipulations that are disadvantageous to the colonies. The Resolution cites all the sentiments of the representatives of the colonies. Inevitably, this resolution eventually led to the beginning of the American Revolution.

There are more documents that are significant to the present America. Up to present, these documents are being studied, analyzed and appreciated, in order for everyone to know and realize the importance of independence, and how much the predecessors of the State fought for in order to claim such victory and freedom.

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