Websites For Learning All About Tidal Waves and Tsunamis

  1. Jeff And Matt's 1960 Chilean Tsunami Site - Information about the 1960 Chilean tsunami. Includes map of Chile, death toll and damage in dollars.
  2. Killer Wave- Learn all about tsunamis and how most form from undersea earthquakes. Get facts, stories, maps and pictures from National Geographic Kids magazine.
  3. Pacific Tsunami Museum- Promotes public education about tsunamis for the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Region. Includes answers to commonly asked questions and tsunami photographs.
  4. South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami (SEA-EAT) Blog - News and information about how to contribute to the relief efforts.
  5. Savage Earth: Waves of Destruction- Highlights include animated illustrations, articles, an "Ask the Experts" section, photographs, and video downloads.
  6. Savage Seas - The Crow's Nest- Discover the power of waves and how fast they can travel. Includes animations and videos clips.
  7. Tsunami- Offers surveys, research, extensive links, and general information.
  8. Tsunami!- Answers many questions about the topic. What does tsunami mean? How are they created? What happens to a tsunami as it approaches land?
  9. Tsunami from Asteroid Impacts - Research from the Planetary Society Australian Volunteers.
  10. Tsunami Research Program - U.S. government program to mitigate tsunami hazards to Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Includes tsunami event data, modeling and forecasting, effects mapping, FAQ, and real-time ocean data.
  11. Tsunamis and Earthquakes - General information from the United States Geological Survey on how local tsunamis are generated by earthquakes with animations, virtual reality models of tsunamis and summaries of past research studies.
  12. UN News Centre: Tsunami in South Asia - Information on the UN response, links to UN institutions participating in the relief effort and maps.
  13. Wikinews Indian Ocean Disaster Relief Portal - Collection of information about donations, relief efforts, and missing/found people compiled from a variety of blogs and other sources.
  14. Wikipedia - 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake - Country by country reports of damage, historical and regional comparisons. Includes technical information on the quake and plate tectonics.