Websites For Learning All About Insect, Insects

  1. Bug Identification - A dichotomous key for identifying unknown bugs.
  2. The Creepy Crawly Zoo - Traveling "live" insect exhibit. Offers school visits, bug listings, and links.
  3. Deadly Insects: Killer Bees and Termites Wreak Havoc - Article reveals the tremendous damage insects can do.
  4. Infography - Insect Behavior - List of sources recommended for the study of insect behavior.
  5. Insectclopedia - An encyclopedia of Internet insect resources.
  6. Insectmania - Celebrate the unique qualities of the insect world through the artwork and written expressions of children. Insect humor, facts, and related sites are also featured.
  7. Kendall Bioresearch Services - Guide to the classification and identification of insects and other arthropods, with biological notes and examples for all major groups. Information on control of rural and domestic insect pests.
  8. NOVA Online: Creepy Crawlies - Explores the kinds of bugs that live in your home and even on your body. From PBS.
  9. Pherobase - Extensive database on insect pheromones and semiochemicals.
  10. Public Health Entomology - Public Health Entomology Research and Education Center conducts research on mosquito control. The site has downloadable "Entguides" on a number of insect species.
  11. Social Insects Web - Devoted to assembling databases about social insects, organizing research and standardizing research methods, and providing information and news updates.
  12. Systematic Entomology - Guide to online insect systematic resources from North Carolina State University.
  13. University of Kentucky Entomology for Kids - It's a natural reaction to be frightened of some insects, but some large bugs are not harmful at all. This site teaches kids to distinguish between harmless bugs and their not-so-harmless relatives.
  14. Wonderful World of Insects - A kid-friendly site with an abundance of information about insects and related organisms.