Web sites All About Learning Brass Musicial Instruments

  1. Blast of Brass - Annual conference held in Texas, USA. Details of tutors, directions and fees.
  2. The Brass Herald - Online magazine for Brass Musicians.
  3. The Comeback Player - Consultations, private lessons, clinics, and solutions.
  4. Cryogenic Treatment of Brass Instruments - Pricing list, process details, and contact information.
  5. The Eb/F Pitched Brass Instrument Page - Information about a wide variety of brass instruments.
  6. Embouchures.com - An informational site for brass players with embouchure problems or lip injuries.
  7. Fat Cat Instrument Co., Inc. - Non-toxic music instrument oil and tuning slide grease. Product descriptions and list of dealers.
  8. The Historic Brass Society - History of brass instruments, journal information, publications.