How Do You Learn to Compose Music?

The process of composing music is not that hard as you think. All it takes is for you to have inspiration, creativity and the right materials to make sure that the music composition process becomes smooth sailing. It is also advisable for you to have a generous dose of determination. If your first composition did not go well as you desire, then you should persevere and continue creating music. Bear in mind that composing music is a learning process. And the process of learning is expected to undergo stages. Because of this, you should never lose hope as your determination will surely allow you create the best type of music in the long run.

In your attempt to compose music, you have to become aware of the different factors that can help you think creatively and apply your creative thoughts into your composition. One of these factors is color. If you want to create a music that is fully dependent upon a particular mood, then you should spend time looking for a relevant color that matches the mood that you want your song to obtain. If you want your song to be filled with energy and drive, then look for an object with an orange color. This will help you bias your mood so it will become suitable enough for the kind of composition that you have in mind.

Another factor is character. This is something that you should consider if the theme of your music is based on a character. You have to make sure that you learn about the process of describing and demonstrating characters through sound when composing music. This will allow you to make your composition even more refined, detailed, realistic, creative and expressive. You should also consider drawing inspiration from nature. Most musicians are capable of communicating their song to different aspects of nature and this makes their music even more appealing to listeners.

Another factor that can help you produce great music is your memories. When creating songs, a lot of your emotions will actually be used. You should spend a few minutes of your time reflecting on your past. Make sure that your reflection is done in detail. Remember the actual sound, the weather, the smell and the color of a particular memory. Look for a memory which is capable of providing you a good story and image that will serve as your inspiration when composing music.

In your attempt to create music, you are also advised to completely understand music theory. This holds true if you are planning to compose a song through piano. Bear in mind that the music piano theory is considered to be that language used by successful musicians when it comes to communicating with each other and to their fans. You have to make sure that you learn the power to connect and communicate to your listeners. If you are completely aware of the music theory, then it will be much easier for you to compose piano music by arranging techniques that can effectively connect to your listeners.

It is also advisable for you to determine the real purpose of the song. The beginning of the song should be capable of getting the attention of your listeners. The middle of the song is considered to be its climax. Because of this, it should be driven with the purpose of retaining the attention of your listeners and making sure that the melody remains on their head.

The ending of the song should be created with the purpose of offering a feeling of satisfaction and resolve to your listeners. However, you have to know that this should not be necessarily done in all of your songs. There are certain compositions that are best to remain unresolved at the end. Make sure that you figure out the kind of message that you want to portray before ever starting your composition to ensure that the best ending for it is created.

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