Where Can English Speakers Learn French?

When mulling over the question," where can English speakers learn French?" several methods come to mind. Learning French can be an exciting and useful endeavor, considering that it has a major international presence and is the working language of many international organizations. Being proficient in the French language can also be an indicator of just how culturally literate the person is. After all, when one studies a foreign language, it becomes part and parcel of the undertaking to learn many different things about the place/country where the language originated. Hearing individuals speak French fluently also evokes a certain charm, and enrolling in a French class, studying it online, and actually practicing speaking French are among the ways English speakers can learn to be more proficient in the popular international language.

Whether you're a leisure traveler, a student, or a working professional off to France (or other destinations like Canada and Europe) for business, knowing how to speak French can have several advantages. It can open doors and smoothly facilitate the conduct of business. Even if you're just having a vacation in France, it helps to know how to speak French. It can prove useful when ordering food in cafes, or looking for places. A handy phrasebook with simple phonetic transcription you can carry around will help you convey in French whatever you want to express, and be understood.

Individuals who have studied both French and Italian note that pronunciation of French words is more difficult. When thinking, "Where Can English Speakers Learn French?" one of the most practical approaches is to enroll in a French class, where an instructor can constantly guide students in pronouncing French words and phrases the correct way. Having a tutor who can do individualized instruction may also work, though there are cases of persons who prefer to learn French at their own pace. If money is not an object, going to France and conversing with French people after brushing up on common French expressions and actually enrolling in a French class, may help improve your French. Combined with sightseeing, like if you're visiting the heart of the French Caribbean where you'll find opportunities to listen to and converse with the French, learning the language can be quite fun.

Practice makes perfect and listening to the French speak - if not in person then through movie watching - can help impress upon the mind how French words and phrases should sound. If you happen to be on a budget and can't enjoy the luxury of traveling but really want to learn French quickly, the answer may be found online. Try navigating sites offering programs to teach English speakers French or getting hold of an instructional DVD can be used as tool to learn basic French. Using self-help books, like French slang expressions, may also prove useful.

The French language is known to be elegant, lucid, and witty. It takes real interest and determination to learn the words and expressions used for common conversation. While the best way to learn French is through face-to-face interaction with a professional teacher (who can correct pronunciation mistakes and demonstrate how the nose is used when saying most words with vowels), the alternative or supplementary approach is to use language learning tapes. Listen to the audiotape while jogging in your neighborhood or while relaxing or using the treadmill at home. It's a very interesting language to learn (even though most English speakers may find French verbs' conjugation tricky), and if you're intent on finding the answer to the question, "where can English speakers learn French?" just a bit of resourcefulness will pave the path to learning.

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