Should Photography Be Taught In Schools?

Photography refers to the science, art, and practice of making pictures by recording images into radiation sensitive electronic image sensors. It has been one of the most celebrated forms of art. There are a lot of reasons why such art is a must learn to most students in the country. Photography teaches people to appreciate the environment and nature. Through photography, students can be able to realize the beauty of even the simplest thing around such as a simple lead hanging in a still branch of an old tree or a butterfly enjoying its newly harvested nectar in a flower resting on a fertile land.

It also helps students to be aware on what is happening in their environment. Through photography, one can see what is happening in the society such as what issues need immediate actions and what problems are remained unseen. Photography also keeps students from thinking in a boxed manner. This form of art lets students experience what is outside their classrooms. They will be able to see how some sort of system works or what is the importance of it to them and the people around them.

They will be able to experience things that they would not be able to acquire and learn in a typical classroom setting. Photography also allows students to be more creative as they want. They will learn to find views and angles that would make something look as pleasing as possible. They would learn that there is really nothing ugly that can be found in nature but only eyes that cannot see what things are really aesthetically pleasing.

They will be able to learn how to transform a scratch from something one would really treasure. Photography can also open doors to students. Learning about this form of art can give them a lot of opportunities in the future. Unlike many popular career paths, the need for a photographer is one that will surely be always around. There will always be events that need to be recorded through the art of photography. Being a photographer would be a very nice part time job for students who have the passion and creative mind.

Compensation is not that bad and it depends on what type of photography one is doing. Working time is also flexible for a photographer can choose his schedules as what if wants to be. Working as a photographer also lets people do their hobbies and jobs at the same time thus having the enjoyment and work together. Photography lets students to learn things about themselves. Through how they shoot pictures, they can see what kind of person they are. They will be able to learn what things are fascinating to them and what things appear not that enjoyable.

They will be able to formulate ideas about themselves through looking at the picture they have created. They can develop skills that are less known to them. Photography also brings students closer to their culture and nature. Photography may involve traveling into various places which will help students learn the importance of these places and the culture of the people living in that place.

They will be able to treasure not only the richness of their own culture but also of the cultures of other people. Lastly, photography can help in developing the well-being of the students they will get to have various experiences that will lead them to learning things they can apply in each step they will be making in life. They will be able to meet people who will teach them to interact with others and most importantly, they will be able to see how beautiful they are, the people they get to meet and the world they are living into.

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