Should Film and Moviemaking Be Taught In Schools?

Do you want to become a film maker? A lot of people are getting even more interested in film and movie making that's why a large number of students are enrolling in formal film schools in order to learn the ropes in film and movie making. But the question is should film and movie making be taught in schools?

If you desire to become a director in the future or perhaps be able to produce your first film, merely reading and self-study may not be enough. They say the world is now digital and people have to take advantage of it. You should know that in order to make good films, textual education may not be sufficient; there should be actual, practical application. If film and movie making will be taught in schools, students will enjoy the following benefits:

1. Actual equipment. Generally there are a lot of books that can help students get themselves familiarized with film making equipment, but if these equipment will be not be available for students to get a hold of, then it would be more difficult for future film and movie makers to truly understand what is film and movie making really about.

2. Detailed learning. Students will be given a chance to work on productions while they are being educated on film and movie making. Everyone can actually make their own movies only with proper education and application.

No doubt almost everybody loves films, and young adults love them too. In fact, movies are one of the world's best forms of entertainment. Good films will not be possible without the works of gifted film and movie makers. They were taught of casting, sound recording, editing, scouting, technicals, even make-up in order to produce good films for viewing.

There is so much to learn about film making and it would be great help if schools will teach film and movie making. But aside from the above-mentioned benefits of teaching movie making in schools is it really necessary for schools to teach film making, or are there other ways for you to be taught of film and movie making even without going to formal schools?

Film schools are really useful but really others believe that it is something that is not totally required. And why did they say that? Since the world is digital, film literacy may be acquired through the internet. Yes, you can get all the information you need on film schools through good research on the internet. Film schools are expensive and getting all the information (not just text but with educational videos too) through internet can save you a lot of money. Film schools may also limit your creativity. Since students are being taught of the same manner, their creativity might be limited because they are not encouraged to explore.

You see it is actually a choice for you to make if films and movie making should be taught in schools or not. Many others consider the importance of being able to receive formal film education in schools while others say it is not too necessary.

Film and movie making is not easy as ABC and you can only make a good career out of film and movie making if you are holding the right knowledge. So whether you want to be taught of film and movie making in schools or you want to educate yourself through personal research, it is a choice for you to make. So should film and movie making be taught in schools? It depends. If you want to experience real film making, then perhaps schools would be more useful if they will teach film and movie making. What do you think?

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