Should Fashion Be Taught In Schools?

Most people say that fashion style is very important. While others say it isn't so necessary. The question "should fashion be taught in schools" is often one of the most debatable questions today. So to answer that question, this article will allow you to make your own stand if it should be taught or not using the following two points of view on fashion.

Yes, it should be taught in schools.

There is actually a program in Australia called "fashion roll call" where schools allow companies to teach make-up and fashion trends in schools. These companies usually focus on all-girl schools with a goal to educate elementary, high school, and college girl students in fashion and beauty. They are taught of basic and advanced make-up application, wardrobe selection, and a lot more. In China, which they say is the king of all kings of apparel production, schools are encouraged to impose fashion education to students to help them cultivate their design talents and inspire new breed of young designers to join the growing market of fashion and apparel. Yes, not only Australia and China believe that fashion should be taught in school. Fashion is being taught all over United States. In fact, in order to focus on this subject, fashion institutions in the U.S. are built to provide fashion courses to students who would like to pursue fashion designing.

Yes, fashion should be taught in schools not only for adornment but also as a means of self-expression. It is a form of communication. If fashion is taught in schools, students will develop their own style, increase their confidence, help them adapt to different cultures, and even pursue a fashion career and become successful like other fashion professionals. If fashion will be included in school curriculum, students will not only be taught of how to carry themselves but also how to foster business skills in fashion merchandising.

Indeed, there are a lot of opportunities open to young adults if and only if fashion will be taught in schools.

No, it should not be taught in schools.

While fashion, as they say, teaches you how to get out of your nutshells, explore, and become confident, there are crucial factors to be considered why it should not be taught in schools.

1. Identity. Yes, fashion provides students their own sense of identity. They feel they "belong." But oftentimes fashion encourages discrimination, judgment, and prejudice. If you don't have nice clothes to wear, it creates a huge impact on how others will treat you. Usually you are being looked down. Poor fashion usually opens doors to ridicule.

2. Early attraction. They say compared to other cultures Americans are more liberated, say, independent. And if fashion will be taught in schools, young adults will be more conscious of how they look, which at some point is not so bad but excessive overall image consciousness usually leads to sexual attraction. If schools will include fashion in their curriculums chances are students will exploit it as their means to sexually attract the opposite sex and might lead to early pregnancy.

3. Rebellion. Rebellion is a part of a normal teenage life, but sadly fashion aggravates rebellion. How? Students may use shocking fashion to imply rebellion to their parents, to their teachers, classmates, even in the society where they belong.

Though fashion serves its many benefits, certainly it is not the most important aspect to be concerned in schools. Schools are for academics and education, though fashion can be a good tool to help students develop their own personality and build their confidence.

Now, should fashion be taught in schools? Weigh the above statements and make your own choice if it should be taught or not.

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