Teacher Salaries Across the World

Teachers are vitally important to the advancement of every society. Almost every country in the world has teachers. This is because it is virtually impossible for a society to operate with the education that teachers provide. Yet, teacher salaries range quite a bit across the world. Since a salary provides a standard of living for a professional and his or her family, it is important to take a look at teacher salaries across the world.

Teacher Salaries in United States

Salaries vary greatly depending on the state and region in which you serve as a teacher. In areas where the cost of living is lower than most, the average salary is well below the norm. In South Dakota for instance, the average teacher makes just under $35,000. In areas where the cost of living is high, such as California and Connecticut, the average teacher makes just under $60,000. Salaries are also dependent on an individuals number of years served and education.

Teacher Salary in Australia

In Australia, teaching is a highly respectable profession that is considered important to society. A beginning teacher's salary in Australia is roughly $41,109.00. In Australia, salary can range widely between each state of Australia and depends greatly upon location. Naturally, higher salaries are earned for those with more than a four year degree. With years of teaching experience, a teacher will gradually earn more.

Teacher Salary in the United Kingdom

The profession of teacher is well regarded as extremely important in the United Kingdom. When converted to dollars, the average beginning teacher salary in the United Kingdom is $34,488.00. Teachers in the United Kingdom are either allowed to get the Main Pay or they can achieve the Upper Pay. Such determinations of which pay scale they will be allowed to have is based upon educational achievements and job performance. A teacher in the United Kingdom can easily have a good career where enough money is earned to live upon.

Teacher Salary in Canada

As in every other country, teachers are vitally important in Canada. In Canada, the new teacher's salaries differ greatly according to which province they are teaching in. The average new teacher salary is $30,000.00. There are customarily some extra benefits, such as maternity leave, dental insurance and paid time off for illness. Teachers in Canada must pay into the Federal programs for social security, which include unemployment and pension, as required by Canadian law. Also taking the social security into account, teachers in Canada may achieve a good standard of living.

Teacher Salary in China

When a foreign teacher elects to teach in China, they earn approximately $17,675. This is different than what a regular teacher makes in China, but special considerations are given to the fact that foreign teachers can often earn far higher salaries elsewhere. This number came about according to a government examination of the following factors: price of living, cost of housing, cost of health care and transportation costs.

The above is some information about the teaching salaries across the world. Specifically, teacher salaries in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and China are all compared. It is interesting to see the range in the salaries as compared among countries. However, a very important point to consider when really thinking about teacher's lifestyles in these various countries is the standard of living, as opposed to just considering a numerical dollar amount. There are various measures to be taken into account when determining what kind of lives teachers have on the salaries that they earn in various countries around the world.

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