Middle School General Report Card Comments


1. It is unfortunate that I have to bring this to your attention, but, __________ has become our class clown. He/she has a pretty strong "following" which makes teaching a chore at times, as I have to constantly refocus the class.

2. He/she has been corrected several times by myself and other teachers for using very vulgar words. While it is not out of the ordinary for most middle school students to test boundaries, I know that you do not allow such language. If he/she continues to use offensive language, disciplinary action is sure to follow.

3. He/she is an awesome student. It is a complete pleasure to have him/her in my homeroom class. I have also received positive feedback from the other teachers about his/her behavior.

4. Being prepared for class is essential to the learning experience. _____________ does not seem to take being prepared very seriously and has received lowered overall grades because of it. Your support is requested in helping to get him focused and organized.


1. ____ is showing great progress in science. He/She is now starting to understand the Scientific Method.

2. Science lab work is a major part of the science grade. He/she has not consistently turned in his/her data from his/her lab work. Over the next quarter, he/she will need to improve with this in order to maintain satisfactory grades.

3. ___________ shows an interest in biology. I am going to recommend that he/she get involved in the science club. I believe that being able to share his/her interest with others of like mind will greatly benefit him/her.

4. His/her science fair project was amazing! I was beaming when it took 1st place. Congratulations on a job well done. Keep up the good work.

Social Studies:

1. I am very impressed by ______ performance in history. The tutoring is definitely helping!

2. Our next quarter will be spent examining the parts of the government. That information will be a requirement for the statewide proficiency examination. His/her active participation will be necessary.

3. He/She is failing because he/she does not complete his/her assignments on time. I take lateness very seriously. Until he/she improves with turning in his/her assignments, you will likely continue to see her/his grade decline.

4. _____________has expressed a strong interest in law. I will send information home regarding a summer law program that he/she could potentially like to pursue.

Language Arts:

1. Our studies of Greek Mythology has proven difficult for______________. I am recommending that he/she get additional tutoring and do some research online to get a greater insight. He/she will be responsible for this material for the midterm.

2. ____________ is a very creative writer. His/her work is engaging and well written. He/she would make a wonderful tutor. I am going to recommend him/her.

3. His/her handwriting is horribly illegible. That's why I am requiring that all of his/her written assignments be typed.

4. ____________ has stopped doing his/her reading assignments. It disappoints me that he/she is not being more conscientious about his/her studies. Poor grades could cause him/her to lose eligibility for extracurricular activities.


1. _________________ has a very poor attitude about his/her ability to succeed with algebra. It is best that he/she get additional assistance from a tutor. He/she will need to get these basic concepts mastered before he/she can move on to more complex mathematics.

2. Math is a requirement for graduation. If he/she does not improve his/her grade, he/she will not graduate with his/her class.

3. __________________ is doing an exceptional job in geometry. He/she has been very diligent with his assignments and he/she is a model student.'

4. Our final will be cumulative and will be 50% of the final grade. Please encourage him/her to come to see me if he/she would like to go over areas that may have been more difficult for him/her in the beginning of the year. I'm here to help in any way that I can!