Middle School Behavioral Report Card Comments

1. He/she talks excessively. It has been a major distraction for the other students.

2. Every time I ask him/her a question, I get very sarcastic answers. He has been reprimanded several times for this.

3. He/she is having difficulty finding social acceptance because he/she is constantly trying to be the center of attention. It appears that this is a turn-off for the other kids.

4. I have become increasingly concerned about his/her antics. While I understand that middle school is a time for personal growth and transition, I do not believe that it is a time for kids to become class clowns.

5. He/she has made very inappropriate comments about other teachers and administrators. I am not sure what is fueling this, but it is becoming an issue.

6. I love working with ________________. He/she is an exceptional team player.

7. His/her work is always neat, legible, and compete on time. Keep up the good job!

8. _______________ is so into his/her appearance that he/she spends the entire class period grooming. This is very distracting for the other children and it causes him/her to be very unproductive.

9. Cellphones are not permitted to be used in certain areas of the school. Please remind him/her of this rule as it has been reported that other teachers have had to approach him/her about this.

10. He/she always has a very sunny and positive attitude at the start of the day. It inspires me and the other kids really love having him/her in the class.

11. His/her behavior in the halls has been appalling. _________________ has demonstrated a disrespectful side recently that I have never seen in him/her before.

12. ____________________ has been incredibly disrespectful toward the cafeteria staff. We cannot accept this from him/her. Our cafeteria staff is an important part of our school community.

13. The vice Principal has recommended more counseling time with the guidance counselors for him/her because of the recent outbursts.

14. He/she has become a lot more frustrated when he/she doesn't grasp a concept. I'm concerned about him/her not being able to channel that frustration in a more positive way.

15. ______________________ has recently taken a new student under his/her wing. It's so wonderful that he/she is sharing his/her knowledge and experience with him.

16. I have grown to trust his/her work so much that I have been using him/her to grade the other students' papers!

17. Standing on chairs is always a poor choice. He/she seems to enjoy trying to do tricks with them during class time. Please express to him/her the importance of safety.

18. I have to constantly remind him/her to use his/her "inside voice" as if he/she were in elementary school because he/she constantly yells. I'm concerned that this could be a hearing issue.

19. Every time he/she is required to work in a group, his groupmates try to vote him/her out because he/she is not a good team player.

20. I am concerned that he/she is starting to gravitate toward a student that has a history of behavior issues.

21. He/she loves making silly faces. It seems a bit immature to me and it is very disturbing during class time.

22. I cannot leave him/her in the classroom when I leave out because he/she has become "infamous" for starting debates and classroom paper fights.

23. It has been brought to my attention by some students that he/she has been discussing home issues more and more. I am recommending him/her for counseling.

24. After several discussions with the school nurse, I have decided to recommend him for counseling because of the issues that we are finding with his/her grooming.

25. He/she is completely infatuated with the new teacher's assistant. Please talk to him/her about what is appropriate and what is an inappropriate conversation to have with teachers.

26. I couldn't have asked for a better student! He/she is a shining star of a student!