Kindergarten General Report Card Comments

1. __________ is still unable to count beyond 20. As that is a primary standard, we will need to work with your child more closely to ensure that he/she masters these skills. You can help him/her to master this skill by incorporating math into your playtime at home, and have him/her count larger quantities of fun items such as small snack foods or cards.

2. Your child is confusing the terms "beside", "between", and "below". You can help him/her to understand this concept using stuffed toys, and placing them according to the positional word that you want to demonstrate. Books that focus on position could also be helpful.

3. ________ is showing great progress in math. He/she is starting to understand time related terminology, and is finally able to really tell time! Way to go!

4.He/she finds it hard to differentiate between a circle and a triangle. Have your child identify shapes in your travels and play shape drawing and counting games that focus on those two shapes. We should see improvement with practice.

Kindergarten - Language Arts Comments

1. Your child is doing a fantastic job recognizing "popcorn" or high frequency words. Use the popcorn cards that we sent home to continue to build on this skill, which will be a huge help in improving his/her reading skills.

2. ___________ continues to skip steps or mix the order when retelling stories. He/she needs to pay attention when reading or listening to stories. One way to foster more concentrated reading is to read in a quiet spot without distractions. Have your child provide you with the sequence of events when you do the daily reading assignments.

3. I am concerned that __________ is not able to fully write his/her last name. Have him/her practice writing and identifying each letter in the name until he/she can do it without assistance.

4. Writing books is his/her specialty! We may have a budding author here. Continue to provide him/her with supplies to make books over the summer. By the end of the summer, _______ may have his/her very own library of literary works! Writing is an important skill that he/she will further develop in first grade.

Kindergarten - Behavior Comments

1. Your child is a joy to have in class. He/she is an excellent student with above average behavior.

2. Arguing with the other students has become a norm for your child. I ask that you talk to him/her and let's work together to find more positive ways for your to channel his/her frustrations.

3. ______________ is very mannerly and has been recognized by the other teachers on our wing for being so respectful. He/she is a model student.

4. Unfortunately, I have found that _____ has had a hard time following the rules and directions. When asked to do a specific task, he/she will hesitate before executing and will often refuse to do what he/she has been told. I have not issued a formal warning as yet, but if this behavior continues, I will have to escalate this until the behavior improves.

Kindergarten - Science Comments

1. His/her effort in science is wonderful. He/She is very inquisitive and loves the more tactile activities. It could benefit him/her if you performed some small scientific experiments this summer that would allow him/her to get his/her hands dirty as she learns.

2. ________is doing very well classifying animals. He/she has even been helping his/her classmates. It's very refreshing and appreciated.

3. He/she loves science but did have a tough time with identifying the five senses. This is a kindergarten standard, so let's continue to work together to ensure that he/she gets them down!

4. ____________ did a phenomenal job keeping his/her weather journal neat and completed on a daily basis this quarter. I am so proud at how responsible he/she has become!

Kindergarten - Social Studies Comments

1. I wish some of my other students were as eager to participate as________ with their social studies lessons He/she gets so excited when learning about other cultures.

2. It seems like he/she is not very interested in learning about mountains and bodies of water. I need your help with this as I see where he/she is falling a little bit behind, and this type of information is key components of the kindergarten standards.

3.___________________ is very patriotic and we have a marvelous when he shared his scouting experience and knowledge with us! He has made learning about the American symbols even more fun for his classmates.

4. He/she is a very positive student that enjoys learning about the different jobs in our communities. It's been a pleasure watching him/her as he/she read and discovered how the various occupations come together to produce the goods and services that we need.