Kindergarten Behavioral Report Card Comments

1. __________ has been very disrespectful to our teacher's aide. I know that you would not approve. Please talk to him/her to remind her/him of our classroom rules.

2. He/she is a fantastic helper. I can always count on her to pick up and clean things around the classroom.

3. ___________ has had a difficult time adjusting to our new teacher's aide. He/she pulls back and will not put forth the effort that I am used to seeing.

4. He/she is not listening. I tell him/her to do things and he/she chooses to do something different. We have been trying to work on this with him/her.

5. I have grown concerned with _____________ not following the classroom rules about safety. My fear is that he/she will hurt himself/herself or one of the other children.

6. We are still getting lots of tears when you drop him/her off. While we recognize that this is natural separation anxiety for some kindergarteners, we will continue to try to get him/her to handle things a little better.

7. He/she is continuing to try to intimidate the shorter students. If we do not see an improvement in behavior, we will refer him/her to the school counselor.

8. I am so excited about the wonderful progress that ______________ is making! He/she feels really great about doing so well.

9. There have been a few instances in which he/she has had a tantrum. We have tried to calm him/her down as best we can, but we are finding that he/she is not responding well. We could use your help with this.

10. Thank you for all of the support that you have provided to our classroom throughout the school year. You are a fantastic Homeroom Parent for our class! Your child has thrived because of your participation.

11. I have enjoyed having him/her in my class this year because of his/her sunny personality. Everyday brought with it lots of happiness that our class has really loved!

12. This quarter started out a little rough, but he/she has started to adjust to the daily work of kindergarten.

13. She/he displays a maturity that one wouldn't expect from a kindergartener. I believe that he/she will do fabulously in first grade.

14. Academically, she/he excels. But, socially, he/she is having a bit of a time making friends. We have assigned a "buddy" to help along so that she doesn't feel lonely.

15. I can't believe the year is over. I still remember when she/he arrived on the first day. It's been a blast and he/she has learned so much!

16. ____________ really likes drawing. There is "proof" all over his/her desk. Please encourage him/her to follow our class rules about respecting school property.

17. He/she never wants to come in at recess and often gets very upset. It could be helpful for you to talk to him/her about this behavior.

18. He/she has lots of friends and all of the teachers just love him/her!

19. ______________ has been making lots of new friends in other classrooms. He/she is doing a whole lot better socially.

20. Each child has been given a classroom job this quarter. He/she has always performed his/her job with a great work ethic. I am very proud.

21. He/she often brings toys to school without permission. Please try to keep him/her from doing this as it is very distracting when he/she pulls out toys during learning time.

22. I have noticed that he/she has grown a lot closer to the students that don't like to follow the rules. It is not serious right now, but you may want to remind him/her of the importance of always having good behavior.

23. ________________ is a very happy child. I love seeing his/her smile every day. It makes my job worthwhile!

24. He/she has been playing very rough at recess. While it is the time for fun, it is never the time for being reckless or hurtful. Please talk to him/her about what activities are appropriate.

25. He/she is very conscientious. I love to see that in my students!

26. If I could say one word about him/her, it would be "angel". He/she has never given me any worries or trouble all year long. I have been lucky to have him/her for a student.