High School General Report Card Comments

1. He/she has been cutting class and roaming around the campus. This behavior is unacceptable and could result in suspension or expulsion.

2. Many teachers have reported that he/she has been extremely disruptive in their classes. Not only is this a sign of immaturity, it is also a show of defiance and disrespect. He/she needs to improve or face administrative disciplinary action.

3. He/she is a model student and I am so glad that he/she is in my class!

4. He/she is an asset to the school and a perfect ambassador for the incoming freshman. Keep up the good work!


1. His/her note-taking in science is exceptional. I have encouraged other students to get his/her notes when they have been absent.

2. __________ seeks help when he/she doesn't understand. We are working together to develop a study team that could benefit him/her and other students that might need more support.

3. His/her science fair entry was very elementary and not up to his/her full potential. The next project will need to be more extensive and grade appropriate if he/she wants to receive a better grade.

4. For some reason, in Science Lab, he/she does not work well when working on group projects. Group and individual projects receive equal attention in my grade book. If he/she does not improve with his/her group participation, it will be reflected in a much lower grade.

Social Studies:

1. He/she will graduate with the highest grade in Social Studies in the entire senior class! He/she has been a joy to teach and I am confident that he/she will continue to do well in his/her studies.

2. I am recommending him/her for AP Social Studies because he/she has performed above par throughout the school year. I believe that he/she is ready for the challenge!

3. ________________ performance on pop History quizzes has been less than spectacular. I am concerned that he/she is not fully grasping the information in class and not doing his/her homework.

4. He/she has expressed to me that History is not his/her favorite subject. While I respect this, I have to encourage him/her to still complete his/her assignments or else, he/she will fail my class.

Language Arts:

1. ______________ seems to have a very short attention span in English class. In addition to falling asleep, he/she has not been completing in-class assignments.

2. He/she is a budding author. I find his/her work very interesting and mature beyond her/his years.

3. His/her team wrote a fabulous play for English class that we will be performing in a general assembly. You should be proud of this great accomplishment!

4. __________________ struggles with the weekly vocabulary words. I have provided him/her with additional worksheets that include word roots. I am try to strengthen this area of study because it will be necessary for him/her to be successful on the SAT.


1. I am concerned that he/she does not have the basic foundation and firm grasp of Algebra 1 that he/she will need to excel in Algebra 2. Therefore, I am recommending that he/she retake Algebra 1 in summer school.

2. If he/she had better organizational skills, he/she would be better prepared for Geometry. We would be sure to see an improvement in his/her grade also.

3. He/she is doing a super job in Calculus. I believe that he/she is exceptional well-prepared for taking on the AP Calculus exam!

4. __________________ passed the AP Geometry exam with flying colors! It has been great and I'm proud of him/her! Congratulations to you all on a job well done.