High School Behavior Report Card Comments

High School Report Card Comment Kit - This kit includes complete report card comments for Behavior, English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies for High School students grade one and two. Available in word format.


1. Food fights are never appropriate. The next time he/she instigates one, he/she will be suspended.

2. I was very disappointed with his/her attitude. It seemed very childish.

3. Nobody expected him/her to respond with such sarcasm. The other teacher was highly offended.

4. If he/she continues to "slip" and use vulgar language, I will have to inform the principal and write him/her up.

5. It is never good for a student to laugh at a teacher when being corrected. Please encourage him/her to handle correction in a more appropriate manner.

6. He/she does not listen. It's very frustrating as an educator to deal with a student that takes pleasure in ignoring you.

7. There have been many reports of him/her saying very suggestive comments to students of the opposite sex. He has been written up several times about this during this last quarter.

8. He/she needs more sleep. I can be a bit longwinded, but, when a student from the start of the class until the end every day, I begin to think that he/she may be a little bit tired.

9. High school can be overwhelming for some freshman. He/she is struggling to "fit in" and I'm concerned that he/she is going to start to resent school.

10. We try to encourage students not to follow the wrong examples. Please talk to your son/daughter because I have notice that he/she has not been keeping good company.

11. Talking excessively can cause him/her to get an in-school suspension. I've communicated this to _________________ accordingly.

12. He/she often states that he/she does not want to come to school. He/she may need help with something personal.

13. Your son/daughter conveys your expectations to me all of the time. You should be proud knowing that he/she is doing his/her best to meet those expectations.

14. He/she often makes me glad that I became a teacher.

15. __________________ really needs to stop the horseplay. It's very annoying and it makes him/her seem very immature.

16. Public shows of affection are not permitted in school. Please remind him/her of that policy.

17. We have a dress code to help students stay focused. When _______________ wears clothing that does not fit into the dress code, he/she causes a big disturbance for the other students.

18. Each day brings with it another fight. Ask ______________ why we all just can't get along?!? It's taking its toll on our homeroom class.

19. I have received reports of __________________ hanging in another corridor with a group of gang members. We may need to address this over the next semester by helping him to find something more constructive to do.

20. Everybody loves ______________________ and his love of academia is great.

21. Many students have confronted him/her about his/her views. While we encourage positive exchanges between students, we cannot condone students' views when they cause another culture distress.

22. We are still waiting for him/her to adjust to high school, but he/she is always doing something silly as if still in elementary school.

23. He/she is a fantastic student and I'm recommending him/her for student council!

24. I believe that he/she has a lot of potential. But, his friends are not good influences on him/her.

25. I've watched him/her really blossom into a social butterfly. I'm glad that he/she is finally coming out of his/her shell.

26. He/she is a great listener that makes teaching an absolute joy for me!