Elementary General Report Card Comments

1. _________ has been very disruptive during class. I have moved him/her several times, but will have to escalate this with a formal warning if this behavior continues.

2. She/he is always willing to help his/her fellow classmates. You should be proud of him/her.

3. We have had multiple conversations regarding following the rules, yet, he/she is still struggling with these basic behavior standards.

4. Throughout this quarter, he/she has often used very poor judgment, which resulted in him/her being sent to the office. I would love for this behavior to improve.


1. Your child is excellent in math. He/she can multiply and divide numbers very quickly. I believe that he/she is ready to be further challenged.

2. _________ is showing tremendous effort and progress in math, especially in learning multiplication facts.

3. I would really like for __________ to practice his/her fractions more at home. He/she seems to be struggling, and that is reflected in this grade. I believe that with more practice, he/she will learn to master this important math concept.

4. He/she has a very negative attitude towards math. A great way to encourage him/her to embrace math is to show examples of math in your child's daily life. You may want to have him/her calculate how much "half off" is when out at the store, for instance. Your support and encouragement could change his/her attitude for the better.

Language Arts:

1. He/she has not been turning his/her reading log in on a regular basis. It is important that your child read every night for at least 15 minutes.

2. ____________ has been writing very creative and descriptive stories using the objects from the Word Prompt Box. I will be submitting one for our district writing contest!

3. He/she has not returned ANY spelling assignments this entire quarter. I have tried to call and have sent notes to you on several occasions. That is why he/she has received a failing grade. Going forward, I would like to propose that you utilize the online school reporting system so that you can stay abreast with his/her progress and assignments.

4. I am very disappointed that he/she is not studying his/her vocabulary words. These words will help him/her with the district's standardize test. Please work with ___________ to put forth more effort in the next quarter or else he/she could risk failing Language Arts.

Social Studies:

1. All of the take home history projects that he/she completed were wonderful! Keep up the good work!

2. History is his/her forte! I have been very impressed throughout this quarter with his/her ability to recognize so many historical events. It's been great!

3. ___________ does not have a positive attitude regarding his/her place or position in the community. This came through when we were discussing communities in social studies. I believe that he/she has a lot of potential and that he/she can be successful. I encourage you to reassure him/her that despite what he/she sees in his/her own neighborhood, he can succeed. We will do our best to help him during our time with him.

4. Unfortunately, he/she failed to turn in one of the most important Social Studies assignments for this quarter. As such, his/her grade dropped almost 2 letter grades. This grade is not really indicative of his/her ability. Please encourage him/her to complete and turn in all assignments on time to avoid this happening again.


1. He/she has been very disruptive in science. I understand that he/she gets really excited about going to the science lab, but that is not an excuse to be disrespectful or to call out during class time.

2. ____________ really pulled this science grade up. I am very proud of the effort that he/she put forth and I know that he/she will do even better the next time.

3. The Science Standards Test was very hard for him/her because he/she does not pay attention in class as he/she should. He/she has little interest in science despite our efforts to make it fun and hands-on. If his/her scores and participation don't improve, I am concerned that he/she may end up having to take science in summer school.

4. He/she is an excellent science laboratory helper. He/she always makes sure to follow all of the safety procedures and takes pride in helping his/her classmates.