Elementary Behavioral Report Card Comments

2. She/he uses his/her time constructively by reading or helping others whenever there is down time.

3. _______________ is an exceptional listener. It's great having him/her in my class!

4. She/he is a real social butterfly. The children have really taken to him/her even though he/she just transitioned into our homeroom class.

5. I find that he/she talks a lot when I leave the classroom, and has a habit of getting the other students riled up.

6. He/she constantly disturbs our class with his/her silly questions and antics. It makes the environment very difficult for those that are slow learners.

7. I am so proud of how he/she has learned to work without disturbing the others in the class. He/she is really growing up!

8. You should be proud of him/her because they have been voted Student of the Month two months in a row!

9. He/she works so independently and is able to accomplish both his/her personal goals along with his/her academic goals. I am recommending him/her to work in our school's Media Center.

10. I can always count on him/her to follow the rules. He/she is a wonderful student.

11. He/she has so much potential. I love that he/she is so willing to work hard until he/she masters a skill.

12. I didn't anticipate him/her being such a helpful student. He/she has definitely surprised me and has been a great source of help for me and other teachers.

13. _________________ has done fabulously in fulfilling his/her role as a mentor to the younger students. We are proud of his/her work.

14. He/she puts forth so much effort. I believe that if he/she keeps working diligently, he/she will definitely bring up his/her grade.

15. I was very disappointed that he/she has been instigating verbal disputes among the other children. Please encourage him/her to stop being the "go between".

16. He/she has been performing very well on his/her tests and seems to be handling anger and disappointment a lot better.

17. Some of the children have been complaining about him/her coming on too strong. While we want the children to be friendly, it may help him/her to be a little more patient as he/she tries to win friends.

18. I have had to talk to him/her several times about being respectful of other people's personal space. Please talk to him/her about this so that it doesn't become a bigger issue.

19. I will need to meet with you to discuss his/her constant disrespect toward the PE teacher. I am very concerned about this.

20. I have recommended him/her for the school safety patrol because he/she is an exemplary example of a safe student.

21. I am having a tough time getting him/her to cooperate with other students. He/she seems to argue every time I put him/her into a group.

22. __________ could benefit from eating breakfast in the mornings. He/she seems to be hungry and has told me that it's from not eating breakfast.

23. His next teacher will love him! He/she is an amazing learner and a fantastic listener.

24. If his/her sister is anything like him/her, I'm going to have a wonderful new student. ___________ is a very special student and I will miss him/her.

25. He/she constantly ignores the rules. As a result, he/she often hurts other student's feelings.

26. I would like to see him try harder and get more focused on his academic career.