Early Elementary General Report Card Comments

1. _____ is improving in not distracting others but he still tries to be the class clown at certain times.

2. _________ appears drowsy at times, and this is starting to affect his/her work. Please try to make sure that your child gets enough sleep so that he/she is refreshed and prepared for class.

3. Your child is doing a super job having all of his work materials ready for class.

4. In this grade, the work can become a little more challenging and the expectations are a little higher. _________ is having a hard time adjusting and has made statements about "not liking school". I believe that he/she can do better work if he/she changes his/her attitude about school.


1. He/she has a great attitude and has taken a very positive approach toward the new math material that we have been learning. We are definitely seeing fewer tears! I hope that he/she keeps up the good work!

2. _____ is steadily improving his math grade. He is on pace to reach his/her goal of ____ by the end of the year.

3. _________ is on the verge of failing math because he/she is not studying. I can tell from the careless mistakes that he/she is making that if there was greater effort on his/her part, that his/her grade would greatly improve.

4. Thanks for helping your child complete those make-up word problem assignments. His/her grade has definitely improved because of them. It means a lot having your support!

Language Arts:

1. I am concerned that ____ will fall behind if he does not learn his parts of speech. Please continue to work on them at home.

2. _____ is starting to have very bad penmanship when he/she is asked to write stories in Language Arts. Since penmanship is a grade, I ask that you stress to him/her the importance of writing neat and legibly so that others can read and enjoy his/her stories.

3. It seems like he/she is not interested in learning the verb tenses. His grades are good but not participating when asked could adversely affect them. Participation is 5% of the overall class grade.

4. Simply put, _________ is slacking and not putting forth much effort. He/she is very capable of reading at a higher level, but he only selects books that are below his reading level. Please encourage him to read more challenging books this next quarter.

Social Studies:

1. ________ is on the path to becoming a great historian! He/she really loves learning about the past and has had performed wonderfully on the statewide Social Studies exam! Way to go!

2. He/she always shares things with the class about your travels and the history lessons that you teach along the way. That information has really benefitted him/her this year and has made her interested in learning as much as she can about history!

3. __________ must know all 50 states by the end of this school year. Right now, he/she knows about 20 and the school year is half over. You may want to practice those states with him/her using the map in the daily agenda book.

4. _________ Social Studies grades are super! Thanks for having your child ready and energized for school.


1. _______ keeps "losing" his/her science homework. This has resulted in him/her receiving a much lower grade. Please encourage him/her to be more responsible and prepared for science class.

2. Science is his/her best subject. Keep introducing her/him to new science material over the summer vacation. He could be a budding scientist!

3. He is having a difficult time understanding the parts of a flower. A wonderful way to help him/her with this topic is to actually dissect a flower into its parts. You can do this little exercise with your child at home and have him/her label each part.

4. __________ is very eager to participate when we go to the science lab. I love to see that type of thirst for knowledge in my students.