Early Elementary Behavioral Report Card Comments

Early Elementary Report Card Comment Kit - This kit includes complete report card comments for Behavior, English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies for Early Elementary students grade one and two. Available in word format.

1. He/she has had a tough time making the transition from kindergartener to first grader. I am really concerned.

2. ___________ constantly whines. While this was probably the norm in kindergarten, it is completely unacceptable in first grade.

3. I would like to see him/her talk less about the odorous body functions. It is very distracting for the class.

4. He/she still cries a lot. I am going to need your help with this.

5. Homework is a big part of first grade. Please encourage him/her to do his/hers every night.

6. Now that he/she is getting regular letter grades, he/she will need to take more time with his/her tests to ensure that he/she passes.

7. __________ doesn't seem to be prepared for school in the mornings. Please help him to get more organized.

8. ____________ has grown increasingly more disrespectful. The other teachers are starting to comment on his behavior.

9. Let's work together to get _________________ to stop sucking his/her thumb. I will do my best to encourage him/her to stop while at school because it is affecting his/her social relationships.

10. I am so proud of him/her for bringing up his/her grades this quarter!

11. He/she is very rough when he/she is playing on the playground. I have had to correct him/her several times.

12. He/she always goes to sleep. In first grade, we do not take a nap. He/she may need more sleep at night.

13. Your child is progressing very well and is expected to meet all of the key standards for first grade.

14. I am very happy with the improvements that he/she has made in his/her behavior. Keep up the good work!

15. He/she has been nominated for our Star Student award every month this year! His/her classmates really think highly of him/her.

16. ______________ has fantastic work ethic. It's so special to see this in him/her.

17. Each year, I nominate a child to represent our class in the First Grade Council. This year, ______________ has been selected! Congratulations!

18. He/she is still having a hard time keeping his/her hands to himself/herself. We have received many complaints from other students.

19. I would like to see him/her put forth more effort. He/she doesn't try very hard when it comes to his/her assignments.

20. He/she is the hardest working second grader that I know.

21. I expected him/her to exceed the state testing score and she/he did! Great job!

22. Please remind him/her that we do not bring toys to school without permission. Doing so wreaks havoc in our class.

23. He/she has really been a great help in our classroom.

24. I was a little disappointed with his/her behavior recently. He/she has been shouting and berating the other students. I am referring him/her to counseling.

25. The nurse is really getting to know him/her because he/she wants to go there every day. Please talk to him/her about what constitutes a real medical emergency. He/she is missing a lot of valuable class time.

26. He/she was recognized by our principal for having the neatest desk and work area! I am so proud of him/her!