Where to Find Books for Special Needs Children

Reading books can be an enjoyable experience for everyone including children with special needs. A book allows the reader to explore and understand the world around him. Imagine what reading can do to a special needs student.

Writers who write for children with disabilities or special needs are angels who bring positive light on a very sensitive topic. These books are a gift not only to the children but to parents and teachers, as well.

Books specifically written for special needs students or children provide a safe environment for them to explore their world and their disabilities. Even some of the questions that they cannot normally ask can be answered through the characters and the situations in the books. A special needs child will feel that he is not alone in his disability.

But where can you find books for special needs students?

Browsing through shelves and shelves of books in libraries and bookstores can be too tedious. Options may also be limited in one specific library or bookstore.

The internet offers a more convenient and faster way to find books for special needs students. Below are a few websites you can go to to explore and find the perfect book for your special needs child.

1. Woodbine House

Woodbine House is a publisher whose specialization is books about children with special needs. The topics of their books are extensive, covering topics from ADD & ADHD to neurological disorders to visual impairments. Updated catalogues can be instantly downloaded and the books can be purchased directly from the website.

The website also provides various resources to help the community of children with special needs. Links to the websites of the books' authors are also available on the website.

2. Usborne Books

The website boasts of the following features that make their book collection ideal for children with special needs:

Realistic talk-about illustrations



Problem-solving tasks

Text in bite-size chunks



The complete catalogue can be browsed online and the books can be directly purchased from the website.

3. Special Needs.com

The above website shows a long list of products and services that are deemed useful in working with special needs children. The reference materials include paperback books and DVDs.

The website offers a list of nine (9) books for children about special needs or disabilities. The list includes a short description and links to Amazon.com that will enable the buyer to readily order the books. Reviews are also available for some of the books, as well as, interviews with the authors.

5. Learn4Good

The website contains a list of six (6) books and education material regarding special education. The list includes a short description of the books. The website presents a list of ten (10) children's books on special needs. The list includes a short description and the number of book pages. It only contains a "Compare Prices" button that let buyers compare prices across different sellers.

You will already find hundreds of books from the above websites. But in case you and your child have already explored and enjoyed all of the books, there are more websites available in the internet where you can find more books for your special needs student or child. Start with Google and you will find a long list waiting for you.

Other Places For Special Education Books

  1. Left is Right: The Survival Guide for Living Lefty
  2. Peytral Publications
  3. Remedial Publications