Radiography Program Lesson Plan


This is a concept review developed based on results from the needs analysis. The needs analysis was based strictly on topics covered in the HMC Radiography program's Exposure class. This class' difficult concepts were: Understanding the types of charts presented and practical application of technique adjustments.

A quick review of "building a radiograph"

A vocabulary list covering factors that affect density, contrast, and detail of a radiograph

Comprehensive Discussion

Practical Applications Lab

Goals and Aim

1. Understand and utilize charts
2. Understand exposure formulas
3. Apply formulas to real life situations


Students will be able to:

1. Describe the purposes for H&D curves/characteristic curves/ sensitometry curves, Histograms, and tube cooling charts.

2. Label parts of these charts.

3. Describe in their own words what each part means.

4. Given a formula, describe in their own words how the formula is used in Radiography.

5. Given a list of technical factors and required adjustments, use the appropriate formulas to derive the new set of factors.

6. Given a set of factors and a real life situation where the factors need to be adjusted, decide how to make the necessary adjustments and derive a new set of factors.


Class outline space is provided for note taking. Use it!

Powerpoint with various illustrations and animations


A. Introduction-

1."Building a Radiograph"
2.List math formulas
3.Chart types

B. Development-

1.Guided discussion during lecture to develop understanding of each concept
2.Math practice worksheet
3.Labeling worksheet for charts
4.Demonstrations of scenarios for technique factors
5.Group knowledge evaluation
6.Expansion on topics as needed based on knowledge evaluation
7. Lab: Using the phantom we will create scenarios without adjustments to technique and evaluate the image. We will then make adjustments to the factors for our desired changes and compare the images.

C. Practice-

1.Group activity: given a specific radiographic position, decide on technique factors. Then given a scenario write the neccessary adjustments for technique factors and the formulas used to reach your new technique. As a class explain how you came to that conclusion
2.Group Activity: As a class, come up with a list of practical uses for each Chart type. Explain your answers. Use all the words in the word bank.

D. Independent Practice-

1. Chart label worksheet
2. Formula-situation practice worksheet
3. Math practice worksheet

E. Checking for understanding-

1.Each of the activities listed above will also be done independently as a one on one verbal assessment.
2.As a class you will create a "cheat sheet" for the sophmore students now entering HMC Radiography's exposure class that will explain, in your own words, the concept that was most difficult to you.

F. Closure-

1. Directly after the one on one evaluation, I will work with each student on their weak areas
2. You will be asked to fill out an evaluation on the instruction method, topic clarity, usefullness of the course, presentation, and evaluation methods.