Lesson Plan Title : Making a Food Pyramid

Age Range:

Grade 9 through Grade 12 (High School)

Overview and Purpose:

It is important that students begin to understand about healthy eating at a young age. This lesson will provide students with a tactile and visual way to remember the food pyramid.


The student will be able to complete a food pyramid by placing the correct number of foods on each level.


1 piece of chart paper for each group (draw the outline of the pyramid on each paper)

Assorted magazines with pictures of food

Glue or tape



Divide the students into groups of three and give each group a piece of chart paper, magazines, scissors, and glue. Discuss the different food groups in the food pyramid and how many servings you should have of each. (Have the students write the food group and number of servings on the pyramid as you are discussing it.) Then have each group cut pictures of foods from those food groups out of the magazines and paste them in the correct category on the paper. Display the pyramids around the room.


The students could also explain their pyramid to the class as a mini-oral report. You can extend this project by having students pick their favorite foods from the food groups and writing about their favorite way to eat them or preparing a dish in class that uses food from a majority of the food groups.