Lesson Plan Title : Graphing

Age Range:

Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Primary / Elementary School)

Overview and Purpose:

This activity will introduce graphing. The teacher will guide the students as they work together to develop questions, set up a blank graph, interview other students, and fill in the graph with the results. A teacher created worksheet can be completed at the end of the activity to reinforce the concept.


The student will be able to:

* Create a graph

* Collect five pieces of data

* Fill in the graph correctly with the data

* Interpret the data using a teacher created worksheet


Chart paper

Markers or crayons

Teacher-created worksheet

Math journals


Brainstorm as a class a list of questions the students would like to ask other students. Narrow the list to five and have the students list the questions in their math journal.

Create a class chart with the questions that will be used later to graph responses.

Schedule a time with another class to have the students ask them the questions. They can record the answers in their math journal.

Come back to class and have the students compile the results on the classroom chart.

Use a teacher prepared worksheet that the students can fill in to help in the evaluation of their understanding. Questions can include: Which xyz was the most popular? How many people liked abc? Do students like xyz or abc the most?


This activity is a fun and hands-on way to introduce graphing to your students. You can extend the activity by having each student create an individual graph for three questions they want to ask family members. You can also leave the graph up in your classroom and include questions about it in your morning work. They should record their answers in their math journal.