Lesson Plan Title : Polygons

Age Range:

Grade 6 through Grade 8 (Middle School)

Overview and Purpose:

The students will explore and create a poster design using polygons. The posters will be displayed in the classroom and students will be challenged to name as many of them as they can. This activity will allow students a tactile, expressive way to learn about polygons.


The student will be able to create a poster comprised of at least four different polygons.


One piece or half piece of poster board for each pair of students

Various colors and types of paper


Colored pencils


Glue and/or tape

White board and markers

Pictures of various polygons


Write the definition of a polygon on the board (a plane shape with straight sides) and show the students some examples of polygons.

Explain to the students that they are going to work in pairs to create a poster with at least four different polygons. Show them the supplies and encourage them to be creative. Give them one or two days to complete the posters depending on how involved they are.

Display the posters on the wall and discuss the different polygons. Have students research and label all the polygons with their correct names.


This hands-on activity will allow for a variety of learning styles. Taking time to have students create their own polygons will help them learn the concept much better than if they just read about it in their textbook. The lesson could be extended to include a homework paper that asked students to draw and label polygons with x amount of sides.