Lesson Plan Title : Write me a Picture

Age Range: Grade 3 through Grade 5 (Elementary Level)

Duration: 2-3 45 minute sessions

Description: Students will pick out pictures that relate to each other, write captions, and create a photo essay.


Students will find pictures that relate and develop a story to go with them.


1. Students will be able to relate to the purpose of a photo essay.

2. Students will be able to put together a sequence of events.

3. Students will be able to use pictures to create an essay. essay.


Poster paper for each child



Magazines, newspapers and books suitable for cutting out images



Show students different pictures and ask them to describe them. Write the answers on the board. Then have each student create a sentence to go with one of the pictures using the words the students created to describe the pictures.

Have students cut out pictures of their own. Have them paste them to the poster paper and write captions for each of the pictures. The pictures should be related so they can tell a story.

Have the students present their photo essays and tell the story behind them.