Lesson Plan Title : Write a letter to a friend

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Early Elementary Level)

Duration: 45 minutes

Description: This is a lesson based on the book, My Friend Bear, by Jez Alborough. Each student writes a letter to a friend describing the strengths of the friendship.


Students will realize the importance of friendships and ways to strengthen friendships.


1. Students will be able to make predictions about the content of the story by examining the cover and title.

2. Students will be able to use a graphic organizer to organize information.

3. Students will be able to practice letter-writing skills by writing a letter to a friend.


My Friend Bear, by Jez Alborough




Read My Friend Bear to the Students. Ask them to think about one of their good friends.

On the board write down the qualities of a good friend.

Have students write a letter to one of their friends, or family members. For younger students give them a prewritten handout that they can fill in.

Assessment: Listen to students' responses during and after the story. Collect students' letters and check students' letters for completeness.