Lesson Plan Title : Seeing Double

Age Range: Grade 6 through Grade 8 (Middle School Level)

Duration: 45 minutes

Description: Students will identify incorrect sentences in "The Bridge of Tarabithia and straighten them out.


To understand the value of correct sentences and why double negatives do not work in correct writing.


Students will identify double negatives in quotes by Jess and his family in Terabithia that have double negatives.

Students will correct those quotes into complete sentences


The Bridge to Terabithia- At least examples of pages




After reading the Bridge of Terabithia, discuss the quotes and double negative used by Jess and his family.

Discuss with students how to make these students complete and correct.

Hand out either copies of the book, or specific pages of the book and have students find examples of quotes where from Jess and his family.

Have them rewrite the quotes on their own.

Assessment: Use examples from Forrest Gump- See if students can correct the language used.