Lesson Plan Title : Describe my toy!

Age Range: Grade 3 through Grade 5 (Elementary Level)

Objectives: The student will correctly identify adjectives and adverbs.

The student will write sentences and paragraphs that correspond with the adjectives and adverbs.

Duration: 45 minutes

Description: Students will use a toy to better understand adjectives and adverbs.


To understand adjectives and adverbs and write paragraphs that fit these descriptions.


1. First the teacher must teach the concept of adjectives and adverbs.

2. After this has been taught, have children bring in a favorite toy or item.

3. Have students fold a piece of paper in have and on one side write adjectives and on the other side write adverbs.

4. Looking at their item, have students record on one side the adjectives about the toy, and the other side, the adverbs.

5. Have students use adjectives and adverbs to write paragraphs about their items.

Assessment: Check papers to make sure that students understand the difference between adjectives and adverbs.