Lesson Plan Title : All My Feelings

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Early Elementary Level)

Duration: 50 minutes

Description: A reading and writing lesson for individual small group instruction where students use personal experiences to describe five different feelings.


1. Develop listening skills.

2. Increase oral and written language.

3. Illustrate and show five different feelings through personal experiences.

Objectives: Students will:

1. compose sentences from real life experiences.

2. compare personal experiences/knowledge with events in a story.


Books- there are a variety of books that will work, anything that talks about feelings, The Goldilocks and the three bears would work, as well as something like Alexander and his horrible, terrible, no good very bad day.

one blank book per child containing a blank page for each feeling

one small mirror per child




1. Read book to the class

2. List feelings: happy, sad, silly, angry, and scared.

3. Re-read each page about feeling happy.

4. Discuss what is happy.

5. Have students share a story about when, where and what makes them "feel happy" and demonstrate a "happy face."

6. As a class brainstorm other experiences which cause a happy feeling.

7. Repeat procedures 3 through 6 for each of the remaining feelings: sad, silly, angry, and scared.

8. Hand out individual paper of blank books, pencils, small mirrors and markers/crayons.

9. Ask students to write sentence about a personal experience with each feeling. Then have them draw that sentence.

Assessment: Check for understanding of feelings. Then put the books on display in the classroom.