Lesson Plan Title : Two Kinds

Age Range: Grade 9 through grade 12 (High School)

Objectives: Students will be able to read the short story, 'Two Kinds" that includes an engaging plot, effectively developed characters, dialogue, and a clearly developed theme. Students will be able to understand the meaning of theme and will apply such comprehension to an evaluation of the story, "Two Kinds." Students will be able to compare and contrast two characters in the story.

Key vocabulary: betrayal, devastate, discordant, fiasco, indignity, lament, prodigy, ream, reproach, reverie


dictionary, thesaurus, line paper, pen, pencil, markers, Literature textbook, Language Network Textbook, construction paper, magazines, scissors, glue stick, and transparencies


The teacher will direct students through an anticipatory set activity that will allow students to make predictions for the story, 'Two Kinds". The teacher will lecture on theme by presenting a power point presentation. The teacher will prepare a presentation on the vocabulary words of the week. The teacher will lecture on adjectives and will model to the students how adjectives can be identified and used in a sentence. The teacher will guide students into the reading of the story, 'Two Kinds" and into the evaluation of theme in the same story.


Extended time will be given to students who need it. Various scaffolding techniques will be utilized for students requiring extra help, including "chunking" of assignments and one on one teaching.