Lesson Plan Title : Word Wall Madness

Age Range: Grade 3 through Grade 5 (Elementary Level)

Overview and Purpose : Students will be racing to see who is able to "shed some light" on any misspelled words they see on the word wall. Who can spell them correctly?

Objective: The student will be able to correctly identify misspelled words on the word wall.


Word wall

Misspelled words on the same paper as the correctly spelled words on the wall

2 flashlights


Ahead of time, replace some of the words on the word wall with ones that are misspelled.

Divide the class into 2 teams and give each team a flashlight. Ask a student on the first team to shine his light on a misspelled word. He then has to spell it correctly. If he cannot, then a student on the other team has a chance to spell it. The teams get one point for correctly identifying a misspelled word and one for spelling it correctly. The team with the most points wins.


Once all the words on the word wall have been spelled correctly, you can extend this lesson by playing "Mystery Word". Have students number their papers from 1 to 5. Then pick a "mystery word" from the word wall and give the students five clues that will help them identify the word. Each successive clue should become easier. Check and see who guessed the mystery word with the least amount of clues.