Lesson Plan Title : Sight Word Go Fish

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Elementary Level)

Overview and Purpose : Don't see any sight words? Go FISH! The following lesson will play a big part in developing students' visual and language skills by helping them memorize sight words.

Objective: The student will be able to collect pairs of sight words when playing a game with classmates.


2 sets of sight words written on index cards per trio of students


Review the sight words that are written on the index cards. Divide the students into trios and give each group a set of cards. They should mix the cards up and each student should take 3 or 4 cards (depending on the number of words there are). The first student should choose another student and ask him if he has the matching word to one of the cards the student is holding. If he does, the student should give the card to the student who asked for it. If he does not, he should tell the student who asked to "go fish". The student who asked should then draw a card from the pile. It is then the next student's turn. The winner is the student who has the most matches.

Students can help each other with less familiar words by asking for the word and then spelling it.


You can use those same cards for a memory game. Just turn them all face-down on a table and have the students take turns turning them over, two-at-a-time. If they make a match, they keep the cards in a match pile and take another turn. Students can make two matches before their turn is over. If they do not make a match, their turn is over. The game ends, after all of the cards have been matched. The student with the most matches wins.