Lesson Plan Title : Building Prior Knowledge

Age Range: Grade 9 through grade 12 (High School)

Objectives: Students will be able to apply a variety of reading strategies during and after reading a selection.

Students will be able to write a journal entry including a reading strategy in their response.

Students will be able to match the vocabulary word to its definition.

Students will be able to describe an experience when they have disagreed with their parents by writing a quick write.

Students will be able to analyze a given statement and respond as agree or disagree.

Students will be able to create a graphic organizer to make judgments on character's actions.

Key vocabulary: Betrayal, devastate, discordant, fiasco, indignity, lament, prodigy, ream, reproach, reverie.


Transparencies, graphic organizers, power point, white boards, reading book, and journal.


Discuss about a time when you and one of your parents had a disagreement on something. What was the disagreement, how did you respond, what could you have done differently?

Teacher will activate prior knowledge by guiding students to discuss an experience where they have had a disagreement with their parents and write a quick write on the experience.

Students will share their experience first with their partner, next with the class and then write about their experience for 8 minutes.

Teacher will present the anticipation guide with the given statements.

Teacher will guide students in the discussion of each statement.

Students will discuss each statement, decide if they agree or disagree and hold the correct color paper to share their decision.

Teacher will present example of graphic organizer for students to create.