Lesson Plan Title : Poetry Review

Age Range: Grade 6 through grade 8 (Middle School)

Objective: The learner will:

- Summarize and apply reading strategies by completing a journal entry after reading a selection independently.

- Read a poem and identify a variety of poetic elements by answering questions in groups.

- Define new vocabulary words by completing quadrants.


A Poison Tree by William Blake/ Questions/ Dictionaries


Have students complete the last journal entry for Speak. Tell them to include the climax and resolution, as well as, their opinion of the novel. (7-10 min.)


- Have students read the last section of Speak- Laurie Anderson speaks about Speak (an interview with the author) silently for 20 minutes.

- After reading, give students 5 min. to respond in their journals. You may have one of the students set the timer for both activities. (25 min.)

Wrap Up:

Give every student a copy of the poem "A Poison Tree" by William Blake. Have them read it twice silently. Go over some of the words they may not know, such as, wrath, foe, veil'd. Have students read it again and discuss the meaning as a class.

Once students have a basic understanding of the meaning, have them get in their usual groups and answer the questions. The group setting is to discuss the questions and analyze the poem. However, they each have to have their own piece of paper with their answers. They may use a dictionary and all their notes on poetry.