Lesson Plan Title : Main Idea

Age Range: Grade 6 through grade 8 (Middle School)

Objective: The learner will:

- Illustrate and apply vocabulary words by completing quadrants.

- Identify main idea while reading a selection.


Key Vocabulary: alien, articulate, hedge, heedless, intuitively, mode, naive, relent, speculate, and stifle.

Black Boy by Richard Wright


Give students five minutes to respond to the daily writing prompt. "When were you accused of doing something that you did not do? Explain in detail." After they are finished you may have them share some of their responses with the class or their partner. (5-8 min.)


- Have students read their AR book silently for 20 minutes and then give them five minutes to respond in their journals. You may have one of the students set the timer for both activities. (25 min.)

- Have students read the Building Background and take notes on who, what, when, where, and why.

Wrap Up:

Have students read the excerpt "Black Boy" and answer the Active Reading questions throughout the selection.