Lesson Plan Title : Anna Karenina Interviews

Age Range: Grade 9 through Grade 12 (High School Level)

Overview and Purpose : In this lesson, students create a series of questions to ask a character of their choice. They use the questions to help them research their character and then write an in-depth newspaper or magazine article about him or her.

Objective: The student will be able to choose a character from the book Anna Karenina to interview and write an article about.


Anna Karenina - One copy per student


Have students choose a character from the book and have them write 10-15 questions they would like to ask that character. After you have approved each student's questions, have them research and answer their questions. They can use the answers to write an in-depth newspaper or magazine article. Publish the articles in a class newspaper that can be emailed to each student.


Encourage students to be creative in their questioning. Challenge them to go beyond the easy, obvious answers. You can also have students switch papers and answer each other's questions.