Lesson Plan Title : Bean Bag Nouns

Age Range: Kindergarten through Grade 2 (Elementary Level)

Overview and Purpose : The following lesson incorporates movement with learning. Students strive to remember and name the different types of nouns depending on which space their bean bag lands on.

Objective: The student will be able to name a person, place, or thing depending on what square their beanbag lands on.


2 bean bags

Large piece of paper with 8" x 8" squares marked on it - each one should be labeled with a type of noun (person, place, or thing)



The students race against time in this review game. Have the students stand in a line and give the first two students a bean bag. Have the first student throw the bean bag so it lands on one of the squares. (If they miss the squares, they have to go get the beanbag and try again.) The student then has to identify something that matches that type of noun. (For example, if the beanbag lands on 'place', the student could say, "school", "home", etc.) After the student has given a correct answer, the next student in line throws his beanbag. The first student gets his beanbag, hands it to the second person in line and then sits down. Time stops when all the students have had a turn. Let the students play again to see if they can beat their time.


You could, also, use one of the bean bags to play a different word game. Have the students in a circle. Give the beanbag to a student and have him name a type of noun as he tosses it to another student. When that student catches it, he has to name the type of noun called (person, place or thing). If a student cannot name one in 5 seconds, he is out.