Lesson Plan Title : Tinker Toy Diagrams

Age Range: Grade 3 through grade 5 (Elementary Level)

Overview and Purpose : Diagramming sentences has just become fun! Students use Tinker Toys to help them diagram sentences.

Objective: The student will be able to diagram a sentence using Tinker Toys for the lines.


Tinker Toys

Sentence strips with sentences written on them

Index cards with the same sentences written on them but broken up into the sentence parts you are studying


Clear a space on the floor and lay down one of the sentence strips. Lay the individual cards below the matching words on the sentence strip. Use the Tinker Toys to diagram the sentence. Move the index cards from the sentence strip to the Tinker Toy diagram as you go. Use the wheels to connect multiple subjects or verbs. Have the students help you create the diagrams. When they are comfortable, have them work together in small groups to make the diagrams.



Working in a cooperative group will help students build confidence as they learn how to diagram. This activity can be kept in the writing center so students can continue to practice. The correct diagram can be put on the back of the sentence strip so students can check their work.